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mr saddle fitting


Here you will find all the services for your saddle, including the best assistance to fit it to you and your horse.

It will be a pleasure to take care of your “old” saddle, renew it and/or reflock it, adjusting it to your horse if possible. In addition to these services, we offer products from the brands Kieffer, Sommer, IKONIC, ERREplus, Frank Baines, Remos, and JS Italia.

I also advise my clients to carry out an annual check to verify that their saddle is still well-fitted, as with training and age, the horse may require adjustments.



Price list



120 €

Measurement & saddle control

150 €

including photo documentation, measurements and 3d image

Saddle service

Static and dynamic control

75 €

Gullet adjustment

cold 50€

warm 80€

New straps

short 35€ each

long 45€ each

Repairing and saddlery work price according to expenditure

New saddle adjustment

New saddle trying
(3-5 saddles)

120 €

if end up buying a saddle the 120€ will be deducted

All prices include VAT.
Leasing available.

About me

Marc Rieke

Being a Horse Specialist (KPA) and a Centered Riding instructor, beyond tending to common issues, saddles kept gaining a growing significance in my interactions with clients. This led me to specialise in saddle fittings, aiming to enhance the well-being of both the rider and the horse.

During my training as a horse specialist, I had the opportunity to acquire both theoretical and hands-on experience concerning saddle fit and determining proper adjustments. I expanded this knowledge through a variety of internships and advanced training programs.

As a professional in saddle fitting, rider, riding instructor, and horse owner, I have a deep understanding of the needs of both people and horses, and I’ll be delighted to assist you in your search for the right saddle.

mr saddle fitting

What defines my work


On-site services

Tailored to you

Wide selection of products

Specialized Knowledge


Frequently Asked Questions

Can any saddle be adapted?

No, it’s not possible.

What can generally be well adjusted:

Saddles from reputable brands made of genuine leather with reasonably soft padding (such as wool, latex cannot be padded). I can also work well with minimal or no padding. If the saddle was sensibly chosen for the horse from the beginning and, therefore, fits reasonably well, I can usually adjust it well again.

If the padding is as hard as a rock, it will need to be refilled. I cannot do a full refilling on the spot; however, it should be clear in advance that the saddle fits the horse. Therefore, a second appointment may be useful and necessary in this case.

What I cannot adjust:

  • Saddles with latex panels (only the width of the gullet can be adjusted).
  • Saddles of lower quality, with insufficient padding and construction that doesn’t withstand scrutiny, and whose fit doesn’t align correctly.
  • Saddles with faulty panels or a broken tree.
  • Saddles with air panels.
  • Saddles that have a tree shape that doesn’t match the shape of the horse’s back.

For Western saddles, I’m happy to check the fit using Equiscan, but I cannot change the fit.

How much do your saddles cost?

I can offer you a saddle, including fitting, starting from around 1500 euros. I only sell saddles that can be adjusted well and effortlessly, that are of good quality, and that are comfortable for both the rider and the horse. Unfortunately, I cannot and do not wish to cater to a budget market. A properly fitted saddle is absolutely crucial for the horse’s back health.

Why is a saddle fitting useful?

It’s puzzling to me how riders buy saddles from shops or online without trying them beforehand. Every manufacturer and model has its own distinct riding characteristics, just as each rider has their individual anatomical traits. A rider with shorter legs and a slightly more pronounced seat will likely find comfort in a different saddle compared to someone with much longer legs and a slender build. This underlines the importance of testing saddles before making a purchase, which I find consistently crucial.

Why does a saddle testing cost money?

Because I come to you with at least 3-5 saddles to try, providing guidance and support, and investing my time in this process. Of course, I also need to acquire the trial saddles, and last but not least, the value of the saddles doesn’t improve through the trial—meaning there’s a decrease in their value. And if you decide to purchase a saddle from me, I will include the fitting in the purchase price.

How often should a saddle be checked?

This depends, of course, on how often the saddle is used, but if we assume the horse is ridden 3-4 times a week, the saddle should be checked every 6-9 months, or more frequently if the horse is very young.

Why is it not possible to buy a saddle according to chamber width and contact area?

These values serve as a general guideline, but they provide too few details to determine whether a saddle fits or not. Why does this happen? For instance, the gullet width isn’t a fixed measurement; it describes the distance between the ends of the gullet, and these ends have different lengths depending on the manufacturer, making this value non-comparable across different brands. Additionally, these values don’t account for factors like back curvature, withers height, etc. And most importantly, how do YOU feel in the saddle?

Does it make sense to buy a saddle for a young horse when it is still growing?

Definitely YES, there are saddles that are excellently adjustable, even as the horse continues to “open up” a lot. The key factor here is that the panels can be well and variably adjusted, and that the gullet width can be properly adjusted.

I believe that a young horse should primarily have a well-fitting and comfortable saddle, so that the initial experiences with it are positive and don’t create any traumas.

Can I rent a saddle from you or pay in installments?



Does your saddle fit?

With this system, you’ll be able to accurately measure your horse’s back and immediately verify the saddle fit. Additionally, it enables ongoing checks to monitor and document changes that may arise due to your horse’s training progress.

The standout feature of this system is that it provides you with a comprehensive 3D digital assessment. This 3D digital representation allows you to closely examine your horse’s back, aiding in precise saddle adjustments. This visualization is not only crucial for immediate fitting, but it also serves as a baseline to track changes over time, enhancing your horse’s comfort and performance.

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